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Fattomano Bristol Cider

Hand-printed labels for hand-made cider, pressed with a hand-built cider press

Fattomano means ‘made by hand’ in Italian.

Inspired by Italian futurism and the the machinery of the handmade cider press, the designs are bold with graphic shapes. Each label features a decorative drinking glass, idolising the type of fancy vessel the consumer could use to savour the cider. The illustrations also suggest some special cider drinking situations, such as beside a roaring fire, under the moonlight, on a picnic blanket, surrounded by friends at a party or on top of a hill in the sunshine.

The tactile labels have a monoprinted layer of handmade yellow textures, then a two layer screenprint in red and blue made with hand-cut stencils, and finally the linoprinted typography in black, the textures contrasting with the glass bottles.

The branding also includes beermats and printed brown packaging paper featuring fancy drinking glasses in a repeated pattern.

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