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Award-winning nature connection posters

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

My 'Eyes Out' poster project won bronze in the Creative Conscience Awards 2023: celebrating creative thinking for a fairer, healthier, sustainable and more regenerative world. It's great to be part of the awards which are full of amazing creativity across a whole range of creative disciplines and themes for a better world.

My MA Illustration studies were interested in the health, social and environmental benefits of connecting with nature through simple, easily accessible activities, such as using our senses and appreciating beauty in nature. These posters encourage human connection with nature using the eye motif to remind the viewer to look out for beauty, even in urban environments. Digital drawing is combined with nostalgic handmade textures, including marbling and monoprinting, to create a positive and welcoming sense of nature discovery.

A butterfly with eye motifs on it's wings lands in the grass as two figures walk past



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