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2024 Calendar of Trees

A whole lot of trees, inspired by trees I've seen and woodlands I've rambled through all around the British Isles. There's the memory of the sycamore gap tree in the happiest colours, a beech wood full of bluebells that makes you stop your bike to admire for a moment, and a riverbank tree near Bristol on a hot July day where one might just enjoy a cooling swim.

Plus an extra page to keep long after 2024, full of colourful leaves to help you to recognise and make friends with all sorts of new trees that you haven't met yet.

big A3 calendars with colour retro-style images of sycamore gap tree and a bluebell wood

a chart of colourful leaves with tree names as an art print
Leaves of the British Isles illustrated recognition chart

A drawing of a willow tree by a pond in orange, yellow and blue

large calendars with drawings of a riverside tree at Beezys in Bristol


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